Monday, September 16, 2013

30 Days of Photographs IV: Day 16...Biblical

Today's photo prompt is biblical. That is quite an appropriate topic, because at this point in this photography non-contest, we all need a little help from Jesus.

I like religious art. I am especially attracted to vintage art which I call "early Catholic".  Is it strange that I collect Catholic relics when I am not Catholic? Could be. Probably. Yes, it is strange. But so am I.

However, I do own a few pieces of  biblical art which more represent my religious roots.

This original oil painting by Texas artist, J.A. Roach, is  entitled "The Door Is Always Open".  It speaks of Texas country churches. I love the landscape and dark stormy skies surrounding this isolated place of worship. 

I apologize for multiple photos today, but I couldn't leave without showing you my favorite piece of religious art. My acting partner and I bought it several years ago for a prop in one of our stage productions.  At the close of the play, we couldn't get rid of it. We are attached to it and it is displayed in a prominent place in my home.

We call it Jesus' senior portrait.

If you aren't worn out from the biblical tour of my home, please visit the other 30 Days participants and check out their biblical photos. Go HERE. I'm praying that all of their photos are decent (in the biblical sense). Speaking of decency or lack thereof, go visit MikeWJ and Ziva who are the creators of this heavenly (snort) event. 

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