Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hot Off the Press! Read All About It!

Did you hear the good news?

One of "our own"
is a super big

Do you remember
reading that Sue,
our blogging buddy,
was nominated for
Best Antique Store
in Orange County,
It is now official!
won 1st place!!!

Take a bow, Sue!
Congrats from the blogging world!

Want to tell Sue yourself?
Visit her at her blog,


The Texas Woman said...

I'm two steps ahead of ya...for once!

The Texas Woman

Sue said...

Thank you Malisa! You are too nice, and I just wanted to point out my hair is much blonder than it appears in the photo, but that is definately my body, really!!

Tristan Robin said...

...and ah hehlped!

(Malisa - would you let me know the name of the other blog - I can't seem to get it right!)

Woman in a Window said...

Very cool! Yay for her.

Sue said...

Since I'm out here in Southern CA, could one of you Texas gals kick Malisa's butt for making me cry?? And remind her that she is way too nice to me, but I do appreciate it? Thanks, I appreciate all the help I can get.

Jacque said...

Yea! I voted and I know that did it, congrats Sue and all the CR crew!~you so deserve it!~Jacque

Malisa, thanks for letting us know, Sue hadn't mentioned it yet!

Vodka Mom said...

that is so damn cool! I am heading over. ..