Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who You Gonna Believe... Me Or Your Lying Eyes?

Have I ever lied to you before?
Yes, I am positive...
I saw it with my own eyes!

I know that Tristan has only been
blogging for three months...
but he already has 100 posts!
I am not kidding you...
you know that boy likes to show pictures!
Well, you know what he has done now?
You better sit down!
He is having a Give Away!
Yes, he is!
Girl, all you gotta do is leave a comment...
And your name is entered!
That is easy enough to do, isn't it?
I mean, I visit his blog every day anyway!
Yes, he is a good boy!
You want to hear my
other tidbit of gossip?
It's about the girls at Warrenton.
I thought you might want to hear this!
You know Mindy of Primitiques N Poetry, right?
And, if I remember correctly,
you and Cher, The Texas Woman
went to school together, didn't you?
She didn't????
She stole your boyfriend??!!
Well, you are gonna love
what I have to tell you..
And I even took pictures
to prove it!

Don't you love this picture? Mindy is on the far left and she is all hugging up with Cher and Cher is all hugging up with Karen, the silent partner of Moonlight Hollow!

What? Yes, you are right. It is just like Cher to be in the middle of a group hug! No, that is not what it is, girl...I just like to call her outgoing!

And this is all I have to say about see that necklace she has on? Uh huh, that one! You know who made that? The Junkin' YaYa made it, that's who. But do you think Karen thought about buying her wonderful partner, Malisa, a necklace like that? Oh, nooooooooo! But enough about Karen.

Well, I gotta tell you, girl, I was so surprised when I met Mindy. Yes, that's what I said...surprised. Why? Oh, I knew she was nice because I had been reading her blog, but I thought maybe she was too nice. Do you know what I mean, girl? I thought you would! Believe this or not, some people think I am a little "over the top" if you know what I mean, and, well, I thought I might just be a little too rowdy for such a nice girl. What do you mean, "you understand'? Just what the hell do you think you understand? Oh, well, thank you for straightening that out! But, girl, I gotta tell you that Mindy is NICE, but that girl is funnier than a turd in a punchbowl! Oh my gosh, she had me laughing all the time! And friendly...I gotta tell you that Mindy is a friendly as a speckled pup! She made everybody feel so welcome. I was afraid with her being from Poetry and all....What? No, I don't exactly know where Poetry is, but it must be kind of boring because Mindy has a liking for the same kind of Coca-Cola concoction that I like. No, girl, it is NOT a Coke float! Anyway, my point is that Mindy is fun, fun, fun and I am so glad I met her!

I hate to tell you this, but I can't help it if Cher stole your high school boyfriend! All I can tell you is that I really like her! Yes, you did hear me right! Well, I am sorry if that offends you, but she is my kind of woman! I'm telling you, that Texas Woman is kinda wild, rowdy and, well, Texan! No, she didn't have your boyfriend with her! Look at that smile on her face in this picture. That's what Texas Woman is all about...laughter and friendship. And did you know that she has some outstanding talents? No, girl, not those! She can paint! I am serious. She can paint up a storm! You know what else? She has this great sense of humor and she is sarcastic and she might even gossip a little bit. No, we did not talk about you...much. In fact, Cher said she didn't even remember you! Girl, you need to settle down...I am sure she was just being funny! Anyway, she had her grown up son with her and he was a cutie! No, he was not her designated driver! He was just spending time with his wonderful mom...and that should tell you something about how great she is! What? Well, actually, he did look a bit like your ex-boyfriend!

I think I hear Lurch calling me. I need to hang up now! No, I am not trying to avoid you. Listen, I just called to tell you about Tristan's give away and tell you about my two new, beautiful friends. Yes, I will call you back. I just heard that Debbie from Talking Trash is back from Warrenton! I have lots to tell you!


The Texas Woman said...

Malisa, You worry me. I know I had my doubts when they let you out of the Institution (oh, I know you tell everyone you retired but we all know which Institution you "retired" from so why try to hide it any longer) but now you've taken talking to yourself to a new level! Now you're pretending to talk to people on the telephone! Does Lurch and Karen know about this? Do they need help getting you back into that straightjacket because I'm there for 'em if they need me. (Call me, Lurch!)

The Texas Woman

trash talk said...

It's true...what happens in Warrenton, gets told online! And blackmail photos always follow. How come I didn't get any of you, Karen and Lurch? You are one rowdy, outrageous woman and it was a hoot getting to meet you face to face. So glad to know Karen is real and sweet-not just a figment of your overactive imagination. Lurch must be a prince to put up with your wackiness! I was so hoping you'd get to come back later in the week when things slowed down for us some. Maybe we can get together again before the fall. Debbie

Teresa said...

A turd in a punchbowl? Holy cow! Laughing my tail off, Malisa. Are yall having this party in Warrenton again next year? I think I'm gonna have to come out there and crash the party.

Woman in a Window said...

You all are crazy. The evidence just keeps pouring out!

Sue said...

Okay, so does "hugging up" in Texas mean the same thing has "feeling up" in CA? Cause the "feeling up" thing out here is kind of well, you know what I mean!

Mindy said...

How on earth I missed this, I do not know. But, I am thrilled to be loved so magnanimously! Thank you for the warm fuzzies! And it was fun meeting you and Lurch and Karin. Y'all come to Poetry soon! ~Mindy