Friday, December 18, 2009

Great Finds!

Several weeks ago,
I went to Mindy's
Christmas Open House

I bought a couple of
tables to create my new
work area...
photos coming soon!

In the meantime,
I thought I would show
you some other wonderful
items I bought at Primitiques!

See this wonderful
china I bought?

I bought two shapes
and sizes to add to my
white dinner plates.

They look great,don't they?
Mindy and her business partner had
these dishes in the cooler...
along with the egg nog!
How "cool" is that?

I bought some great
curtain panels to use
in my fabric art.
In the meantime,
I used some of them to cover
my fabric shelves for
the holiday season!

I used some of the panels
to create a a background
for this snowy little scene!

Do you see the
wonderful ruffle and
the charming polka dots?

I love my 1930's
pink angel bell!
Isn't she adorable?

Need some good finds
for your home?
My suggestion is to visit


Debra@CommonGround said...

I'm just in love with those plates, the square ones are wonderful! I would have loved to have been there! Mindy always has such cool and unique items!

Sue said...

Everything is lookin' good girl! I love the plates all stacked up together, and all of your cool holiday decorations. Do you hate not being home for Christmas? I've gotten spoiled, I love to hang out at home this time of year. Take care.

trash talk said...

That bell is did I miss it? I was there before you...musta had eggnog in my eye!

red.neck chic said...

Oh my gosh - that bell is gorgeous!!! Oh wait - so are the dishes!!! I'm a dish freak - you're lucky I was eyeballin' the nog instead of the dishes. LOLOL

Here's a laugh for you - the dishes in the cooler were so "me" and I laughed when I saw them... few days later I stuck my butter tub in a gorgeous lil' bowl from the 50's in my refrigerator... now when I open the thing I think of Mindy. hahaha! That's if I go inside first....

;-) Happy Saturday!!!

Lucy said...

I love the illustration of the woman in the fur coat on your border. Is she a clipart piece or do you have any history on her?

Woman in a Window said...

So very cool, from Mindy's store to your home.

and yes, of course, prayers and good thoughts for Madison.

Mindy said...

Oh, MALisa, I'm feeling so very behind on blogging. Thank you so much for covering my store and saying such sweet things. I am still quite anxious to see the tables. You have made the fabric and the plates "yours". Love 'em in your home!

I missed way too much regarding you and yours. I'm glad to see the girlchild with antlers after her surgery.

A Merry Christmas to you and Lurch. Hugs from Poetry, my friend. And a Merry Christmas! ~Mindy