Friday, December 11, 2009

The World's Bestest Big Sister!

You, my friends, are familiar
with my beautiful granddaughter,
but do you know what a good
big sister she is?
Just ask Tango...
he will tell you!
Look at these photos of Madi
with her new baby brother, Cash!

Madisyn with Grande
and Mom just minutes
after Cash was born!
He is her baby!
Did I tell you that Madi even
spent the night at the hospital
so she could take care of her Mommy
and Cash? How sweet is that?

Madi is showing off
the stork announcement
sign in front of her house!

Madisyn wore her
"I'm a Big Sister"
button with pride!

Madisyn points at the
"It's A Boy"
banner hanging over the front door.
However, Madi read the banner as
"It's So A Boy"...
she has a point!

Madisyn sat by Cash on his
way home from the hospital.
Isn't she a good big sister?

Madisyn said,
"I don't know what is wrong
with me! I can't quit
kissing him!"
I know that feeling too!

Of course, Madisyn took over
when Cash got home!

My sweet baby girl loves
her sweet baby brother!

Don't you wish you had
Madisyn around your house?
She is the biggest helper!
I am so proud of her!

Don't miss tomorrow's post:
Tango's Job Review
as a Big Brother!

You don't want to
miss this one! :)


Sue said...

Madi is such a beautiful little girl, inside and out! I can SO see how she grabs your heart the way she does! Thanks for the wonderful pictures, I love them all!

Laurie said...

Hey Malisa, thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you'll be back!

Tristan Robin said...

What a terrific big sister.

My mother loves to tell the story about my little sister coming home from the hospital, and my asking when "the thing" could be sent back and that things could return to normal.

red.neck chic said...

LOL Dang - where was Little Ms. Gorgeous and Helpful roughly 15 years ago?!!? She is so beautiful and so is that HANDSOME Mr. Cash of hers!!! Congratulations to all of you!!!

;-) robelyn

Jason said...

This is a great site you have here. I just found it from a friend's page. I have a humor blog as well and I'd like to exchange links with you. This will spread some traffic around between us. Let me know if this is cool.

HilariousHeadlines TALK

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hey darlin!

Beautiful and loving pics! What a GREAT Christmas present...a new baby brother! :) and of course a new grandbaby for you and Lurch!

Ya'll have a beautiful Christmas my loving friend...and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Love ya...xo...deb

Preemie Donna said...

Good Job Madi. Might have to look her up when I get ready for a baby sitter for Bella. Isn't it just amasing how little girls instick to mommy kick right in when they get around a baby. So glad everyone is doing well.

Anne Lorys said...

It's SO a boy, indeed! ;-)
How precious, she's really quite something, isn't she?

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