Thursday, February 7, 2013

Text Off!

I feel bad having to leave you alone on Valentine's Day.

You didn't have to leave me. 
Quit making it sound like a business trip.
You went to Vegas with your friends.

Okay. Whatever. You obviously don't understand
the power of peer pressure.

No, obviously I don't since I'm a
grown-ass woman who makes  
my own decisions in life.

Well, anyway, I'm sorry that you are home alone.

You don't know that I'm alone.

LOL. You should be a comedian.

Sorry, I can't be a comedian.
I already have a full-time job
unlike someone I know.

You are kinda pissed about me being on 
this trip, aren't you? To make you feel better,
I'm gonna give you a little surprise.

Your dick?

Wow! No.
Will you marry me?


Don't act surprised.
We've been dating for seven years and
you are a little mad at me, so let's do this.

I have been waiting for this moment 
for the last 2555 days of my life and you
 finally ask me to marry you with a text message?

Yeah. Cool, huh?


And to keep you busy while I'm gone,
why don't you go to Amazon online and
pick out your ring. Just don't buy anything
over $500. Wait. I'm playing blackjack tonight.
Don't buy anything over $350. And don't do that
overnight shipping thing. It cost way too much.


Awww. You are probably crying with joy right now. 
Or maybe you are already on Amazon 
shopping shopping shopping.


Baby? You there?



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