Sunday, March 15, 2009


Treasure Hunters are responsible for the following:

1. Determine the answer of the question or clue.
2. Find a picture of your answer.
3. Post your picture. We don't need written answers. We just need pictures. You may take your pictures from anyplace you can find them...including our blog!
4. ALL of your picture answers will be in ONE post.
5. The pics must be IN ORDER.
6. Leave a comment and email us when your pics are posted on your blog!

You may post your pictures in the normal way you place pictures on a post or you may use the program on the following site:

You can use any other program you know to post pictures.The only rule we have about the pictures is that they MUST BE IN ORDER! For example, if there were 20 clues, you would have 20 pictures for your answers. You must post the pictures in order...Picture #1 would be the answer to Clue#1...etc. If you are posting with the mosaic program listed above, you won't have a problem with posting in order. If you are posting in the normal manner, pictures are posted opposite of how you enter them. The first picture you post is the last picture in your post. Are you with me? So you would need to start at the bottom of the list of clues and answer your clues from #20 through #1. Does that make sense?

Once you have posted your answers on your blog page, you will do TWO things:
1.) leave a comment on the Treasure Hunt Clues post ... AND...
2.) email us at

We will go by the post times, comment times and email times to determine times of completion. If you are not the first finished, don't quit! Go ahead and post your answers! Why? Someone ahead of you may not have posted the correct pictures...or the pictures may be out of order! In addition to the treasure chest of gifts which goes to the first Registered Treasure Hunter who gets all the correct pictures in the correct order, we will be giving smaller gifts for second and third places. Every Registered Treasure Hunter completing the Treasure Hunt post will get a small gift to say thanks!

This Treasure Hunt is fun...and it is a good learning experience. We learned to use Mosaic, sharpened our research skills on the computer and learned lots of trivia facts! Hope you enjoy it!

See you in an hour with the Treasure Hunt Clues!!!

Malisa and Karen


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

...I"ve got my Nikes on

Robin said...

I haven't any Nikes (a yoga girl I be)......

I haven't a peg leg, no parrot or sword.

But I'll gives her a try, if you allow me aboard.(?)

Yeah.....whatever......I'm ready to play.

Linda said...

I'm done!