Sunday, March 15, 2009

Treasure Hunt Today!

We're heading to
Moonlight Hollow's
Treasure Hunt!
Wonder if anyone else
is playing?
Oh, No!
Traffic Jam!
We should have been
ready on time!
We are going!

Look at this crowd!
Hurry, hurry!
Even the back roads
are full!
Ewe in?
Better take this exit!
Gotta goose-step it!

Look at all the
young ones playing!
Don't be a horse's ass...

Do I have time to make it?
Starts at 4:00 central!

No sweat!
I got here early...
even did the practice test!
Don't you be late!
Anyone can play...
only Registered Treasure Hunters
can win prizes!
Clues will be posted on this blog...
Your answers will be posted on your blog!
See you at 4:00!

1 comment:

Cher said...

Sweating with anticipation!

The Texas Woman