Thursday, June 4, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Moonlight Hollow
is proud to present
the winner of the
Bella Raffle Drawing!

Remember what Moonlight Hollow
was giving away as a prize?

That's right! 
Boob scarves for you 
and two of your closest friends!

Nah, we are fresh out of boob scarves.
The winner will be receiving this beautiful
turquoise necklace, earrings, a rhinestone
metal bangle bracelet and a kick butt LOVE bracelet!

Plus...the winner will receive
10 original Moonlight Hollow cards!
So who is the lucky winner?


Robin? Batman's partner?

Robin? Like the one in the Hood?

Robin? As in Mork?

Robin? As in Dr. Phil?

Robin? As in Round Robin?

Robin? As in Rockin' Robin?

Robin? As in Robin's Blue Nest?
Way to go, girl!

Robin is a blogging buddy and I am so tickled
she won our prize! Robin is a weekly contributor 
to Wacky Wednesday and Pop Test! Robin was 
also a runner-up winner in our Treasure Hunt!
If you haven't checked out Robin's blog, 
you need to do so now!

Robin, I already have your shipping address so don't 
worry about that. Since you have already received 
10 of our Moonlight Hollow cards as your Treasure Hunt
 prize,  I will be glad to substitute another item in 
place of the cards if you wish!  Just email me at:
Congratulations, Robin!


trash talk said...

Whew! That was a close one...too bad you were all out! Congratulations to Robin and thank you both from the bottom of my bottom for participating!

Sue said...

Glad Robin is a winner! She was kind enough to mail a purse stuffed full of goodies to my store for our "My Sister Joanie's Purse Project". Congrat's Robin, you rock!


Cher said...

Sorry that that dern Robin one. The bling was mine! My name was all over it. Didn't you see that? I was robbed!!!

(congrats, robin)

Linda said...

Congrats, Robin.... I didn't enter so you would have a chance this time!!!

Robin said...


Oh so funny....
And I am so very speechless.
And so very excited...and extremely..((HAPPY!))
WooHoo....I'm a winner!!
Thank you so very much but, in all honesty, I was not in it for the prizes. I was just so very pleased to be able to help out with my little donation and trying to flag people down. Wish I hadn't been such a knucklehead and taken so long to notice the badge on your blog Malisa. I would love to have donated something as well.
And yet, with that said, I will gladly accept my winnings and sit down. Oh and Malisa...I love your cards and would love to have more thank you. :-)

And may I just say....
God bless you and keep watch over you beautiful, sweet Miss Bella. xoxo.

Renee said...

Robin you are a lucky duck.

Fantastic post, I love how you presented the winner.

Renee xoxo

Halo Hill said...

GREAT for Robin! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous I can't stand it! Did you make the necklace?? How did I miss your giveaway? Wallowing in self pity, I'm sure. It is just GORGE!


Woman in a Window said...

Yay for Robin!

That boob scarf is just too much! The world is full of crazy people. Thank god!