Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 56...A We Are Home Giveaway!

Have I mentioned that we got
out of the hospital today?

Well, we did!

10 days in the hospital is a long time!

In celebration of our "parole",
I am giving away a copy of
Flea Market Style!
Yep, all you have to do to enter
is leave the words
in your comment!

Lurch will be drawing names
Sunday at noon.
Guess what?
He is drawing names out
of a little sumpin' he brought
home from the hospital!
I ain't kiddin'!
Yes, I will post photos
of him drawing the name!

Why was Lurch in the hospital
so long, you ask?
It may be that I asked the doctors...
a few too many questions!

"Are you sure that goes there?"

"Don't you think it would work
better if you twisted that thingy
there around that thingy
over there?"

"How about whacking that
thang off right there?"

Anyway, Lurch came home in one piece!
Last year, he got a zipper (stitches)
down the front...
and now he got a zipper
down the back!

You know who else is having
a giveaway?
You probably don't want to
check out the big box of
vintage goodies she is giving away.
You probably don't.
Because I'm gonna win...
that's why!
If you go leave a comment
on her blog giveaway,
you might win...
and I want to win!
go check it out
But it is a waste of time...
cause I am winning!

Have I mentioned that it is
so good to be home?
It is!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Well, I already have the magazine you're giving away...and the other giveaway is only for women (patoooie LOL).

So I'm left saying how terrific it is that you're both back home and, hopefully, fully on the mend! You sound much more like your ol' festive self today!

Sue said...

Hey Girl, I'm SO glad you guys finally made it home! I saw it on your FB page last night. Ten days is a long time. Enjoy yourselves and make it a great day, okay?
Take care, Sue

Missy said...

Glad you are home and I hope he has a quick recovery ! Oh , and I would love that magazine so ...GIMMIE THAT ! :D

donnaj said...

magazine looks great-gimme that!
enjoy your blog-

A Fanciful Life said...

Hello, I found your blog yesterday and have enjoyed reading it. Best wishes on a speedy recovery to Lurch. And I have to say GIMME THAT, as I would love to own that magazine. Have a great day!

Laurie said...

Damn, you are good! You DID win it! Wow!

Gimme that!