Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 57...The Lurch Parade!

Yes, it is true.
Houston held a parade today...
for Lurch and me!

No, I'm not kidding!

All the revelers were dressed in
their finest sequins and lame!

Why did they have a parade
in our honor?

They were celebrating that we
finally got to have a shower!

They carried banners that said:

It was marvelous!
There was ticker tape...
and mini bottles of shampoo
flying through the air!

Parade participants were
throwing bars of soap
from the floats!

Women were flashing their bare chests
and screaming:

It was fantabulous!

Ah, yes...
it is so good to be home.

Don't forget that I am having
a celebratory giveaway.
The prize: a copy of
Flea Market Style.

Yep, all you have to do to enter
is leave the words
in your comment!

Lurch will be drawing names
from a urinal tomorrow at noon.
You heard me!
Nothing should surprise
you anymore!

After all,
how many people do you know
who have parades in their honor?


Sue said...

Did you see me??? I was marching in the parade and cheering? Can't believe you didn't notice ;0{
Take care, Sue

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

That must have been some parade! So glad you are both home and that Lurchy-baby is on the mend. Now, GIMME THAT magazine! I'll trade you for the urinal image stuck in my mind. :)

yaya chique said...

GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVEME THAT!!!! :) need I say more? Glad to hear things are getting back to somewhat "normal"...afterall, you did wash your hair!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I already have the magazine - so don't enter me in your drawing - but I wanted to say welcome home!

They don't have Memorial Day parade as much as they used to - but my birthday falls at the end of May, and often falls on/very near Memorial Day. I used to think that the Memorial Day parades were all for my birthday.

I was crushed to learn it wasn't true.

trash talk said...

Girl, you should of hollered. I think I still have a can of PSST from my hospital vacation last February! Isn't clean hair just the best for making it clear how little it takes to keep us happy?
Just make sure that bedpan is emptied before putting my name in...GIMMEE THAT!!!
BTW...didn't the docs tell him not to lift anything over 10 lbs. How on earth can he use it?

The Muse said...

what imagery!

Yaya Chique, Home of debi lynn designs said...

CONGRATS!!! You are the WINNER of the Texan/Cajun style HUGE vintage YAYA give a way!!! email me ASAP...xo...deb

Paula said...

Whew, wondered what that smell was drifting down to Sugar Land!

Hello. Fellow Texas Blogging Gal member here to let you know about a giveaway of my Snail Mail Notes. Notecards include Texas themes. You can see giveaway details at and see my notes at


red.neck chic said...

I'm so sorry that I hit you with the bar of dove... but I could smell you...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Girl - you are FANTASTIC!!!

Congrats to A Fanciful Life!!! I don't understand why your son made you take the tweezers out of the urinal though... seems to me it makes perfect sense. LOLOLOLOL

Okay... I'm going to wash my hair before you throw a shampoo bottle back at me. I'd be an easy target since I'm all tied up and stuff...
ROFLMAO!!! I swear - there's a lot of my posts that I just sit and wait to see what your response is...

;-) robelyn

Lou Cinda said...

LMAO!!! So glad you are home with your own warm running water!!! I know it was divine!!

Hope both you and Lurch are recuperataing!!!

Lou Cinda