Friday, August 13, 2010

Teecher Is Checking Attendance Right Now!

Sorry, kids!

It is time to come
back to school!

Yep, Teechur is ready!

Come on in!
I've got your places ready for you!

Don't be grumpy...
you know you don't want
to grow up to be a dummy!

Have you bought your new crayons?
Teechur thinks coloring is a good
stress reliever!

How about #2 pencils?
You know we have lots of pop tests!

Got your new lunch box?
Teechur has a new one too!
Like it?

Hope you found some cool
back to school shoes...

and some Day-of-the Week undies!

I'm sure everyone has their new
school hair cuts!

I even splurged and got a new
back to school bike!

I had to get some new glasses
to grade all the pop tests this year!
They go well with my hair...
don't you think?

I surely did not forget the most important
back to school item...
yeah, kids...
Teechur is packing!

There won't be any discipline problems
in this blog classroom!

So don't be a dunce!
Be sure and join us every Friday
for Pop Test!

Do I need to remind you that
you have a naughty teechur?
I give extra points for saucy answers!

And if you do really well...
Teechur will let you go to recess!

Since school is just starting,
Teechur would not consider giving you
a pop test!
That would not be fair!

Just consider this a pre-test...
to see how much you have
learned over the summer!

All you have to do is leave a caption
for the picture below.
Who knows? You might be my Star Pupil
for the first week of school!
The Star Pupil will be announced Monday!

Fingers on your keyboard?
Caption this photo.


Anonymous said...

We could use one of those!

trash talk said...

Oh Teechur...I am so exsited to be back in ur clasrum! I hop I do good so her goze:
a. I told you if you kept doing that, you're face would freeze like that.
b. Stopping by for a couple of stiff ones.
c. What exactly did You put in that lemoncello?
d. You do know how to whistle don't you? You just put your lips together, Mal, and blow!
e. Whistler's mom AND dad

I want to be the star poopul agin, so I'll be bak lter with more.


P.S. This makes me so happy!

sissie said...

Oh teacher!
He said it was.....

And I thought it was......

But, it wasn't!!!


The Primitique said...

Deep and wide. Deep and wide. It's a song from Sunday School. No extra points today! haha ~Mindy

Sue said...

Just like the old days, Trash takes all my good answers first before I even get home from work! Damn!

Take care, Sue

Malisa said...

No kidding, Mom! It was this long and it wouldn't flush!

Yaya Chique said...

Well, you know how this Cajun mind would think? And seeing how much of a true Southern lady I am....

"It was Thisssss long and thissss round!" (Note mouths) Yeppers the barrel of his gun!


Cyn said...

Ladies could you show us exactly what you were doing right before the thief stole your booze jugs?

I so love these things and always forget to post :(
bad bad me!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Dorothy and The Sailor finally admit the truth. And it's not that bad.