Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock,
you are my hero!


I taught English for about 400 years
and never learned your little trick!

Why didn't I think of it?

Now, I supervise student teachers
for a state university,
so I can teach them Jenny's wonderful tactic!

You know the worst part of teaching English?

The grading of papers.

Miles and miles of papers to read!

Then Jenny came up with this ingenious idea
to write stories which are only 100 words!


And what does she do when she is really busy?

She simply changes the word length to 25 words!

Jenny is the master!

Surely everyone can think of 25 words...
not including the three words in the prompt.

Jenny gives us a whole week to write it!

Even you can do this assignment!

even you!

Come on!
Join us at Saturday Centus!

This week's prompt:

"the lottery ticket"

Here is my contribution for the week.

I slipped into galoshes and rubber gloves.

This nasty secret would remain between me and the bitch.

I found it intact in the fifth pile...

the lottery ticket.


Judie said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your excellent offering for Saturday Centus. Jenny used one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes today--"Brevity is the soul of wit." You nailed it!

mrs. c said...

I immediately thought of Stephen King's Dead Zone, and the killer, Frank Dodd, the Castle Rock killer. I don't know if that is what you were going for...the rubber boots and gloves. It was a very scary post. thanks for commenting on my post.

Vodka Mom said...


cj Schlottman said...

Wow! Galoshes and rubber gloves. Were you dumpster diving or just going through trash? Intriguing, this little story!

Thanks..........cj said...

I really want to know more. This is great.

Deborah said...

Now THAT was good!

Jo said...

oh this does sound dark ... well done!

hip-chick said...

ooh not sharing...they should have learned that in kindergarden!

Kat said...

Love this! Great little tale, and it let's us use our imagination to fill in the rest of the plot. It feels dark to me too, the gloves and galoshes. Maybe the guy is just fastidious, but somehow I don't think so. Well done! Kat

Terra said...

funny, I too was thinking Jenny must be busy! Way quick blowing through the 25 worders! Loved your tail, pictured the scene! Well done!

Viki said...

Hmmm, this is great but makes me want to understand exactly what is going on. That's the bad thing about brevity ;-)

Nancy Jane said...

Can't believe you got so much atmosphere out of 25 words. I'm in awe here.

Tina said...

There is something really eerie about this story I'm sensing!

boycottamericanwomen said...
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Susannah said...

I thought the *bitch* was a dog and she had swallowed the ticket and the gloves etc. were for going through, well, you know what I mean! lol

Great centus. ;-)

Linda Medrano said...

That is a stunning little piece of work!

nimaruichi said...

Very intruiging; tell us more :)

nimaruichi said...

Very intruiging; tell us more :)

Sue said...

Oh my goodness. And yikes, too.

Nice job!


Jenny said...

What a micro-gem!


I think the 25 words was really tough. A few months ago I wrote a 6 word micro-fiction that won a cash prize.

Dear Waterproof Mascara Company,
You lied.

Maybe we should try shorter on SC!

Although after this weeks Sci-fi I think I'm gonna have to be nice for awhile - ha!

Great job!

I love seeing how your mind works on these challenges.