Sunday, November 13, 2011

Belly Up To The Bar, Girls!

I have always had a bar in every place
I  have called home.

There is something about a bar 
that appeals to my senses.

Maybe it is the combination of glass, crystal and metal
or maybe it is just the liquor...


It always says "welcome home" to me!

I'm not a fan of the built-in bar,
although I've owned a few of those.
Built-in bars often have closed storage
which defeats the purpose for me.
I like to see the amber liquids, pretty shaped bottles
and assortment of crystal.

I love repurposed bars.

How about a lovely antique to add an additional
layer of texture to your home bar?

Perhaps the best bar might be portable
to travel from room to room or from indoors and outdoors.

Seriously, one doesn't even need a whole piece of furniture
dedicated to serving as a bar.

A simple tray provides an awesome stage
for your libation presentation.

Industrial pieces make great bars.

So you don't have any cool furniture at home to make a bar
and you're short of money too?

Well, how about this?

Looks like simple suitcases do the trick!

Need some more ideas?
All of these photos are from Pinterest
which is the most inspiring idea sharing site on the web!

Why don't you make yourself a nice drink,
turn on the music I've provided below
and do a little "research" for yourself!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Mal, I saved you some puddin' but you'll have to share with Lurch! That industrial pic is really cool, I'd own that in a heart beat. Happy late Sunday friend, T

Sue said...

I absolutely LOVE the red and metal industrial piece used as a bar. Right now out here, the industrial stuff is really hot and sells quickly! Love all the pixs!!


Healing Woman said...

I like the first shabby chic bar which surprises me since I have contemporary tastes. Music is fun too.

Linda Medrano said...

Although I live in a Victorian house, that industrial bar picture make me drool. Or maybe it's all the liquor that makes me drool. Either way!

red.neck chic said...

my bar is my refrigerator... plus some butter. for some reason i have butter in my bar.

Pinterest... photo crack. LMBO!!!

;-D robelyn