Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drinking Wine For Art...

No, I don't spend much time on Pinterest!
Why do you ask?

No, no, no, I don't drink a lot of wine!
What made you think that?

In my lakeside neighborhood,
we just got trash pick-up service a couple of years ago.
I'm not sure the trash service has ever heard of recycling.
They don't like to pick up one trash bin 
so I know they would have a meltdown if we
suggested recycling bins.

I guess what I am saying is that I always feel guilty
about throwing away wine bottles.
Is there something else I could do with them?

Well, thanks to all these Pinterest photos,
I have some good ideas!

How about turning those bottles into candle holders?

How about using those bottles as the 
"canvas" for your decorative projects?

Why not use empty wine bottles as vases or planters?

Because I love lighting,
I have always wanted to tackle this project.
I think it is time.

If you make any of these projects,
you should have lots of bottle bottoms 
that you could use to make this...

or this!

Now, if you will excuse me,
I have work to do!


Judy said...

OOHHH these are beautiful...some people are so creative...

red.neck chic said...

i'm ALL OVER that table with the taper candles!!! Good grief - I've gotta go get something to drink...

;-D robelyn

Sue said...

I'm with Robin! I absolutely LOVE the table with the clear bottles and candles. I can't imagine my table with Corona bottles as candleholders looking that elegant!

Take care my friend, Sue

Healing Woman said...

Oh how I love this post. As a drinker of red merlot, I have tons of ideas now to help me feel less guilty about all those used up bottles. I absolutely love the wine bottles with tiny lights inside and the table decorations with all those bottles lined up and candles inside. Congratulations! Beautiful post.