Friday, September 13, 2013

30 Days of Photographs IV: Day 13...Wrong

It is just wrong that your dog's foot is bigger than your own. 

You know what else is wrong? It is wrong to ask me to take a photo on the night that my Texas Tech Red Raiders' football game is on television. What? You didn't watch? That's just wrong! Ok. Ok. Quit begging. I'll tell you. We won 20-10. Not a pretty win, but a win nonetheless. Plus we have the cutest coach in the country, so he can do no wrong!

At this point in this event, all the participants are feeling wronged. However, they probably have better photos than mine which was taken inside a dark house at night with a camera phone. That's just wrong!

Want to see better photos? Go HERE. Then you can join the rest of the gang in telling MikeWJ and Ziva, the evil masterminds behind this event, that they are just wrong.

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