Saturday, September 14, 2013

30 Days of Photographs IV: Day 14...NSFW


Receiving an email at work labeled with the letters NSFW used to cause me panic. What if the KGB in the "let's kill all the fun" office caught this email before I was able to delete it? Should I go ahead and open it since the Gestapo was probably already goose-stepping it toward my office door? Should I report the email to the commandant in hopes of saving my own life while throwing my colleague (Lurch) under the bus? After all, he was more suited to survive life in the morality concentration camp than I was.  It was my own daily Sophie's Choice. Although a life didn't hang in the balance, my job did. And there were spies everywhere. 

I once again got that old, sweaty feeling when MikeWJ and Ziva diabolically planted NSFW in our list of photo prompts.  Although I now no longer have an office and now work out of my home, I am acutely aware of the existence of the Morality Nazis who scour the web with their beady little eyes just waiting to report me. Seriously. So I will not be linking to FB today. I'm hiding out in my bunker until this whole thing blows over.

Last night I was in the kitchen preparing to cook dinner. I was having a martini contemplating on which of my vintage girly photos to post for today's topic. I heard a little ruckus behind me, turned around and saw this! 

Food porn in action. 

How lucky was I to have my camera close by? You can tell by their skin that they were  no longer spring chickens. If the Fun Nazis get wind of this, I will swear in a court of law that I had nothing to do with this. Lurch is a bad boy. That's all I'm saying.

I  may never eat Cornish game hens again. 

If you dare, go check out the other participant's filthy photos HERE. You  have been warned. I'm trying to keep you out solitary confinement.

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