Sunday, September 22, 2013

30 Days of Photographs IV: Day 22...Frustration

Frustration is an excellent photo topic for the day. Some of you know and you others will learn that it is time for the Zapp Hall Antique Show where I have a photo booth. I create fun, vintage backgrounds and take photos of shoppers, families and kids during the daytime and take crazy photos of drunks at night. Getting ready for the week long show is frustrating. 

Take today for example. Today was straighten up the photography photo cargo trailer day according to Lurch. Joy. He always wants to reorganize it before a show. I think it is a waste of time. We are not organized people. 

The last booking we did for photos was for a wedding reception. It was HOT and late when we were packing up and we had three hours to drive back home. We pretty much crammed stuff in the trailer as you can see in the photo above. We just spent three hours cleaning and organizing the trailer in the HOT sun. Guess what? 

 It looks exactly the same!
How FRUSTRATING is that? 

I like it when 30 Days of Photographs coincides with Zapp Hall Antique Show because I have wonderful opportunities for some nice shots. However, 30 Days will just be ending as Zapp Hall is starting. Sigh. Since I do all the ads and publicity for the show in addition to setting up my own booth, the next few days will be long and tiring. I will post, but it may be late. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Wait. It should be Ziva and MikeWJ who should be saying thanks for hanging in there. Right? I'm holding me breath. Not. 

Want to see better photos of frustration? Just go HERE

Hope I didn't give any of you nightmares with my suffocation photo and four toe foot photo. Lurch is a trooper.

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