Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Time To Cast Your Ballot

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There are so many good stories being written at the 30-2 Days of Writing event this year! You must go check them out at We Work For Cheese. What else do you have to do during these cold, wintry days? 

If you are new to my blog, you can catch up on Cooter and the gang by reading the "chapters"  listed above. Kick back, relax, enjoy!


Cooter was feeling pretty good about the election. The last posters had been hung. Ethyl and her group of volunteers had knocked on every door in town. Some of them twice. Cooter wasn't sure he could shake another hand or kiss another baby. Truth be known, he was pretty sick of babies right now. 

Buck and Ethyl were hosting Cooter's election night party at The Rack 'n Roll Pool Hall. As election day drew near, Buck hung red, white and blue bunting outside the pool hall and strung multi-colored Christmas lights in patterns on the roof to spell out Cooter's name. Inside, Ethyl and her volunteers spent hours draping crepe paper streamers across the ceiling and hanging mirrored disco balls from the rafters.  Buck had dug out some of the old black lights he had from his high school days and had placed them around the room. Ethyl had her crew glittering everything in sight which did not thrill Buck one little bit. 

Since they were hoping for a big crowd of supporters, Ethyl sent a couple of volunteers over to the First Baptist Church Activity Center to borrow some extra fold-up chairs for the big event. However, the volunteers were greeted by an agitated Brother Bob who informed them that his chairs would not be attending any event at the pool hall and, furthermore, he would be hosting the election party for Cooter's political opponent, Vera Whiting, at the church's activity center.  


Vera Whiting was hometown stock. Her great grandparents had built the first bank in town and Vera still ruled the bank board. Vera belonged to every woman's club in town. She very seldom attended a meeting nor socialized with any townspeople, but she knew how to pull out her checkbook when necessary. Vera didn't have an election committee because she knew she didn't need one. This was her town and her name was her ticket to being elected.  Vera had balked when Brother Bob offered to host her election party at the church activity center. She had no intentions of celebrating her win with anybody much less with a gaggle of common hens sipping punch and slipping cookies into their purses. But she remembered that her grandfather had always told to her be nice to the little people. Vera always attended church on Christmas Sunday where she would place her yearly tithing check in the pastor's hand. If Brother Bob ever suspected that her love offering was carefully based on the amount of tax deduction she needed at the end of the year, he never showed it. Vera grudgingly decided that a few minutes with admiring townspeople would not kill her, so she agreed to attend the election party.

Cooter had met Vera quite by accident when he first arrived in town. He was working on a drilling site in one of the Whiting's pastures when he saw a Cadillac covered in dust racing down the rutted dirt road toward the rig. When the car skidded to a stop only feet from him, Vera stuck her hand out the car window and beckoned Cooter to her car. 

"I'm Vera Whiting and I need help at the main house immediately."

Cooter jumped in the car and grasped the car handle as Vera drove like a bat out of hell toward the house. He jumped out of the car breathlessly when they arrived at the house.

"Where do I need to go, mam? Where is your emergency?"

Vera stepped out of the car in no hurry. She pulled off her leather driving gloves.

"Take out my trash, young man. It's by the kitchen door. You'll find the dumpster out in the field by the side of the house."

Cooter stopped in his tracks.

"You need me to take out the trash? That is your emergency?"

Vera walked by Cooter on the way to the house.

"Yes. Jorge didn't show up for work today. He fell off the ladder yesterday while he was 
dusting the chandelier in the dining room. I don't care if he's been with me for 20 years, if Jorge doesn't show up tomorrow, I will have to let him go." She turned and dismissively waved Cooter off. 

"And when you are finished with the trash, you can walk back to the rig."


Cooter laughed when he heard about Brother Bob hosting his opponent's election night party. He knew that Vera Whiting would probably have Brother Bob emptying trash and washing her car.  

Cooter had every intention of enjoying every minute of his election  night party. Win or lose. Buck and Ethyl had planned a welcoming, festive event. Buck had even managed to book the town's proctologist and his weekend band, Dr. Butts and the Hemorrhoids, to play for the party. Cooter wasn't sure if he was going to win the title of mayor, but he was sure that he was going to have a good time on election night.

His wife was happy with house shopping. The campaigning was almost over. The election night festivities were under control. Now if he could just keep his secret held incommunicado.

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