Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 Days of Photographs IV: Day 3...Soft

I didn't have a baby's butt around the house to photograph for today's topic. Lurch offered his butt for my photograph, but (and that's a big butt) I didn't want to do that to you so early in this whole tortuous ordeal.  Maybe Day 14.  I can hear you groaning now.

The softest thing I know is my adorable dog, Sweetie. In this photo, her hair isn't nearly as long as it usually is because she is sporting her summer cut, but you get the idea that she is a ball of softness.

I had to sneak in one other photo of the very softest part of Sweetie. Her ears are baby soft.

Now you need to go check out the other softies HERE. Give these people some love through your kind comments. After all, they spent three minutes of their lives for your entertainment.

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