Saturday, September 7, 2013

30 Days of Photographs IV: Day 6...Seven

I am proud to announce that Bella has given birth to seven, yes, seven offspring. All seven babies appear to be plump and healthy. The babies strongly resemble the breast best part of Bella.  There is NO doubt who the father is. That damn Monsanto has engineered his babies to sprout up from the soil like mushrooms! 

I made this grizzly glorious discovery last night while I was outside watering the ferns with tonic water and sipping on a glass of gin. The timing couldn't have been better.

There is just one problem. I have to break the bad news to Bella. One of them didn't make it through the night.

If you aren't too depressed at this point (like the rest of the participants in this non-competition), go check out the other fabulous photos HERE.  May I point out that MikeWJ and Ziva had a hand in the death of this poor, innocent lime, but left me with the dirty job of cleaning up the remains? Yes, Mike and drove me to drink!

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